The Peak Wellness & Retreat Center

is a Christian ministry of spiritual renewal

offering a space for missionaries, ministers, pastors, individuals in helping professions,

caregivers, and trauma and cancer survivors, to rest, learn, and grow.

The Peak Wellness & Retreat Center

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of The Peak, a wellness and retreat center created to offer a sanctuary for spiritual rejuvenation. By disconnecting from the distractions of daily life, you will have the chance for deep reflection and self-discovery. Our serene environment fosters mental clarity and inner peace, enabling spiritual growth and revitalization.

Deep Reflection:

Uncover the potential for spiritual renewal through profound reflection. Individuals can gain a new outlook and find inner peace away from everyday distractions.

Connection with a Higher Power:

By embracing spiritual renewal, individuals often encounter a strengthened connection with God and their Christian principles, providing comfort and guidance to pursue their God-given dreams.

Renewed Purpose:

Embracing spiritual practices can reveal a refreshed sense of purpose and focus, leading to enhanced fulfillment, compassion, and happiness.

Our Services


Guided spiritual retreats that utilize Christian principles are offered. We provide day retreats for both individuals and groups. Overnight retreats are available for individual participants only. 
We also offer a peaceful room for individuals seeking respite, where they can engage in prayer and meditation. The room can be reserved for up to 3 hours per visit.

*A $50 nonrefundable reservation fee is required to reserve dates.
**A $25 nonrefundable fee is required to reserve each visit.
Services are free of charge. Reservation fees apply to ensure space availability. Donations are welcome online or via cash app, $GetPeakPotential


Join us for an exclusive series of wellness workshops, fitness classes, and hands-on demonstrations led by expert practitioners. Secure your spot now and explore our website for upcoming events. Limited space is available, so book early to avoid missing out. Fees may vary.


Spiritual well-being is cultivated by nurturing the complete person through embodied physical presence. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll through the gardens and relax on the nearby benches or use the picnic and hammock areas for a peaceful time of reflection on the beauty of nature and the blessings of God. They can also experience the therapeutic benefits of horticulture.

Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to pick a bouquet of flowers from our flower market and select fruits and vegetables from our community garden, which will be available soon.

In Partnership with Hearts of Hope, a 501(c)(3). 

For over 20 years, Hearts of Hope has assisted our local community and area churches by providing solutions for the homeless, addicted, and hurting people in the Arkansas River Valley. Our efforts include:

  • Offering safe homes.
  • Teaching parenting skills through practical experience.
  • Conducting Bible-based studies to prepare them to live a life free from addiction.

Our current focus is on women and children. Interested in learning more about our services or ways to get involved? Contact us at (479) 279-0300 or

Office location:

Pastors Marvin and Cindy Scott
Hearts of Hope
4306 B Alma Highway
Van Buren, AR 72956